I started practicing yoga while living in New York City. I was working a stressful office job and a retail job on the weekends, was unused to the frenetic pace of the city, and devastatingly floored by the winter. Yoga made me feel better. Beyond the obvious benefits to my body, I found a profound and much-needed sense of clarity after each class.

I came to yoga after more than a decade of study of Chinese martial arts (Yang family tai chi chuan and choy li fut kung fu), which gave me a nice foundation in the awareness and use of my body on which to build. I have been extremely lucky to find superb teachers, even well before I had any idea what to be looking for.

I am inspired by the discipline and creativity of yoga taught in the lineage of BKS Iyengar. The primary teacher of my basic teacher training, Nikole Fortier, is a student of Carolyn Belko’s. Although my teacher training was not under the auspices of the Institute, I benefited greatly from Nikole’s training and continued study in the lineage.

Dustin McCallister Yoga Ardha Matsyendrasana
Dustin McCallister Yoga Parsva Sirsasana

I continue to study with alignment-based yoga teachers. I have been fortunate enough to recently complete an informal anatomy course with Kamla Ahluwalia (UCSF and UC Berkeley Joint Medical Program; Samuel Merritt University) and am carrying forward my self-directed study of anatomy and kinesiology.

Dustin McCallister Yoga